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WELCOME to CARDIFFWALESMAP - We hope you enjoy our interactive maps of Cardiff, and perhaps take a look at some of our other maps. We are trying to do our bit to put Cardiff + Wales more on the world map! therefore we've created a world map and put Cardiff + Wales on it!! logical really! - anyway we hope you take a look.. imapWORLD. Then there's the USA and on this map you can see the size of Wales to scale.. theUSAmap OK let's not forget our wonderful Wales itself, yep I've got that too.. theWALESmap.
NEW: City Centre Map
and Cardiff Bay Map that you can print out for your visit. Although still in mourning at the loss of our premier league status I have made many changes to the Cardiff City Stadium map

CARDIFFWALESMAP also has it's own facebook page, and if you 'like' our facebook page then you'll be kept in touch with all that's new in the Cardiff Wales Map world - and that's a world that has Cardiff very much at it's centre!.. Thanks for visiting CardiffWalesMap.. we hope you enjoy your stay and call back soon.

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   Cardiff City Centre Map

   Cardiff Bay Map

   Cardiff City FC Stadium Map - Everyones happy with the Bluebirds back in BLUE!!!!

   Cardiff Sports Village

   The Wales Map

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The Mighty Bluebirds!! all the news views and rumours here Cardiff Blues rugby region -once arguably the most famous club in the world! they're coming back!! The Cardiff Devils - surely the most successfulsports team in cardiff over the last decade or so It's not always raining in Cardiff you know!JUST USUALLY!! Train arrival times at Cardiff Central Train Departure times at Cardiff Central Flight arrival times as they appear on screensat Cardiff Wales International Airport Flight departure times from Cardiff International airport Live from Cardiff City centre(on top of Hilton Hotel - Kingsway)keep an eye onCardiff city centre, take control of the camera , and zoom in to see what people waiting for a bus are reading!! Keep an eye on developmentsat Cardiff Bay and the International Sports Village