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Plasdwr - 6,000 Homes

if it's about Cardiff.. Sport, Entertainment, Transportation, Business, Development Projects, Leisure, Eating, Drinking, Nightlife, Shopping, Train Spotting! etc.. then we want it here!
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Re: Plasdwr - 6,000 Homes

PostMon Jan 22, 2018 3:50 pm

Sian Mills, one of the first residents at Plasdŵr said:

Sian Mills wrote: We moved into our new home in November and have really settled in, it feels like we’ve lived here for years. We wanted to live in an area with a close-knit community and as the development continues to take shape we can see that emerging..

What goodies do you think she got for that bit of PR?


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Re: Plasdwr - 6,000 Homes

PostMon Jan 22, 2018 8:10 pm

Ash wrote:I drove the length of Llantrisant Road this morning and the sheer number and scale of sites is extraordinary. I really don't see how the roads in Llandaff are going to cope at peak times. Sure there are plans for a Metro line in the distant future but these developments are happening now. Unlesss there is some short-term mitigation (and it's difficult to imagine what that might be) it's going to be horrendous.

Are there? Where?


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Re: Plasdwr - 6,000 Homes

PostMon Jan 22, 2018 10:00 pm

Simon__200 wrote:Are there? Where?

From memory going south to north, you have Redrow's ridiculously named Plasdŵr (a mistranslation of a mistranslation), Barret's 'Maes y Deri ' two un-named sites just north of Rhydlafar and another opposite the first turning to Creigiau.
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Re: Plasdwr - 6,000 Homes

PostTue Jan 23, 2018 3:03 am

I think he means where are the metro plans, They were recently published on the Transport for Wales website, hidden at the back of a document called SHRA. The plans for 'North West Corridor' are not yet finalised but include a LR 'tram' running on the old HR alignment from Fairwater on the City Line to Creigiau (scheme 238) and onwards to Llantrisant (scheme 229) with a few alternatives thrown in.

However these schemes are 'not finalised'
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