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South Wales Mainline Electrification

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Re: South Wales Mainline Electrification

PostMon May 22, 2017 7:59 pm

Zach wrote:I talked to someone who was PM in Network Rail and the super all in one construction train hasn't really worked at all, there was always a reason why it couldn't pile. Unstable bank, no survey for U/G services, ground water, etc etc. They said it would have been quicker to build and another line.

That's what happens when people don't do their homework before starting a major project! Happens all the time, that's one of the many reasons why big infrastructure projects regularly run late and over budget!


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Re: South Wales Mainline Electrification

PostFri May 26, 2017 11:44 am

This is all starting to look a bit depressing. Fair play to the person who put those graphs up - very illuminating. It does seem as if the quality of the line deteriorates once you get passed Wootten Bassett. Is that generally true and has it always been the case? Amazing that it's 40 years since the inter-city trains came in and we're still in this position.

Thinking more economically what drives rail investment. I don't think it's largely about politics or bold(?) visions of the future - more a matter of meeting current demand. We live in a poor region of the UK and it's often forgotten that rail can be a bit of a luxury for many. I was talking to someone who'd gone on the coach to London. Might have taken 4hrs but it was so much cheaper that I doubt he would have ever considered a train. Quite understandably that's where a lot of Welsh people are. Greater economic success would drive more rail demand.

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Re: South Wales Mainline Electrification

PostFri May 26, 2017 11:55 am

There's always the option of flying.

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