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Re: Metro

PostTue Jan 21, 2020 4:35 am

Glenn wrote:Sort of off topic, but have there ever been plans to relocate the Canton rail depot? Always struck me of a pretty big parcel of land so close to town, could see it being redeveloped into housing. Would be sandwiched between the rail lines but Leckwith Avnue is too and they seem okay. I suppose it's position between the main line and the line towards the Vale makes it an ideal position. But I've always wondered...

Ask a different question - where else could it be located? It would need to be located on or near the the SWML and Metro network - only the Tram Trains serving the Pontypridd lines will be serviced at Taffs Well. Where would you service the new trains serving the Rhymney, Ebbw, Maesteg, VoG lines.
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Re: Metro

PostSat Feb 29, 2020 11:12 pm

Would a monorail type of transport line be a viable option passing through llandaf towards town perhaps with a park and ride up near radyr stopping at danescourt and the new houses by the BBC? I know there is a train line running there but we really need another way to reduce the amount of traffic passing through llandaf. That bottle neck is bonkers.


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Re: Metro

PostSun Mar 01, 2020 10:06 pm

Monorails are the unicorns of public transport. They sound great but are generaly failures and many systems have been removed after quite short operational lives.

The reason is pretty simple. If the monorail is at ground level then it's no cheaper and less efficient than a traditional train or tram system. If the monorail is elevated then, sure, it's cheap to build, but it's an unpleasant intrusion in the public realm, inconveinient for passengers and very expensive to maintain.

Off the top of my head, NY, Sydney and Liverpool have all had monorails or elevated railway systems that were removed because of their unpopularity with residents and low passenger numbers.

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