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Guildford Terrace

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Re: Guildford Terrace

PostThu Oct 17, 2019 10:46 am

I must be missing something – other than the Masonic Hall, there’s nothing architecturally outstanding about the other buildings. They’re common Victorian row houses that have been brightly painted to make them look better than they are. The Ibis hotel is cheap and nasty.

If the feeder canal under Churchill Way is reopened and Guildford Cres realigned to intersect directly with Churchill Way, a public square could be created in front of the hall to compliment the canal banks.

The real eyesore is the Rapports building itself. Assuming it gets redeveloped into something attractive, one could accept the Motorpoint Arena.


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Re: Guildford Terrace

PostThu Oct 17, 2019 11:55 am

Also, the bright colours that give the buildings a certain character are unlikely to remain.


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Re: Guildford Terrace

PostMon Sep 07, 2020 9:15 pm

There's now a couple of porta cabins and light exploratory machines on site behind the facade.
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Re: Guildford Terrace

PostMon Sep 07, 2020 11:59 pm

I noticed that today also...



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Re: Guildford Terrace

PostTue Sep 08, 2020 8:54 am

No planning application in sight...
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Re: Guildford Terrace

PostWed Sep 09, 2020 2:12 pm

I am not so enthusiastic on keeping the terrace. I prefervto see a full redevelopment of this corner of town. Starting with demolition of Rapports.

Restricting the developer will reduce the options and we may end up with something dull snd unispiring. This site backing onto the railway is crying out for s supertall...
Build it and they will come.
Get it wrong and they will fall off.


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Re: Guildford Terrace

PostWed Sep 09, 2020 5:33 pm

I’m all for the sentimentality of keeping the facade of the terrace but it has to be said that it looks terrible currently.


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Re: Guildford Terrace

PostFri Dec 11, 2020 4:46 pm

EIA screening opinion has been submitted for a residential led mixed use development at Guildford crescent.
Hopefully we will see what’s planned for the site soon.


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Re: Guildford Terrace

PostThu Dec 17, 2020 11:57 am

Council Press Release

Canal Quarter and Cardiff East Transport Scheme details revealed

Cardiff residents are being asked for their views on plans for an exciting, new Canal Quarter in the city centre and on the Cardiff East Transport Scheme which will manage traffic options around parts of the city.
The new project could see Boulevard de Nantes; Stuttgarter Strasse; Dumfries Place and Station Terrace remodelled, replacing an ‘outdated’ road network while significantly improving walking and cycling links between the civic centre at City Hall, Castle Street and the city centre.
The scheme will also see the first phase of the re-opening of the dock feeder canal on Churchill Way and the creation of a new public square and event space - that will be built off Boulevard de Nantes and Kingsway.
In May last year the council started a public engagement process on significantly improving air quality in the city centre - as part of its Clean Air Project. Plans were drawn up to reduce traffic and Nitrogen Dioxide (N02) levels, specifically in Castle Street, while improving access to public transport and delivering dedicated routes for cyclists and pedestrians.

Cabinet Member for Strategic Planning and Transport, Cllr Caro Wild said: “Since the initial public engagement exercise took place in May last year, the council has taken on board all of the comments that we have received. We have been working hard to draw up the detailed design and we are now in a position to engage with the public on the final scheme. Following this public engagement, we hope to start on site in summer 2021.”

The scheme which will cost £13m to build, and includes £3m of City Deal funding, would see a new road layout along Boulevard de Nantes; onto Stuttgarter Strasse; Dumfries Place and Station Terrace. The scheme will also provide a permanent segregated cycleway; with new bus priority routes; and wider pavements to improve access and safety for pedestrians.

Cardiff East Transport Scheme Projects include:

The first phase of the Canal Quarter:
The dock-feeder canal on Churchill Way will be re-opened just before the junction with North Edward Street and running up to Queen St, to create a new city centre destination and a open, green public space. The scheme will help revitalise this part of the city centre.

New amphitheatre-style seating, trees and green planting will be installed, with footbridges built across the canal so that people can get from one side of Churchill Way to the other. A new water feature is also being proposed for the site, as well as a pergola-covered alfresco dining area, and a stage for events and performances.

New drainage techniques (SuDS) will be used throughout the scheme which will significantly improve surface water drainage issues. New cycle parking will be installed at the southern end of Churchill Way. The taxi rank will be relocated further down Churchill Way, on the other side of the junction with North Edward Street.

A new Public Square:
A new public open space will be developed off Boulevard de Nantes and Kingsway, which will significantly improve the area. The underpass to access City Hall and the Civic Centre will be filled in creating a new, large, pedestrian crossing at the same level to the public square to access Boulevard de Nantes, connecting the new public space with the civic centre using new paving throughout.

Vibrant all-year planting schemes will be installed to significantly green-up the area, alongside a new sustainable urban drainage system, which will use rain gardens (SuDs) similar to those used in the award-winning Greener Grangetown project.

A new coffee shop and outdoor dining area is also planned for the square. Extra seating will be put in around the public space which could also feature market stalls on events days.

City Centre East Transport Scheme

The re-modelling of Boulevard de Nantes, Stuttgarter Strasse, Dumfries Place and Station Terrace is being carried out by relocating traffic lanes and installing a two-lane segregated cycleway through the scheme. This cycleway will then connect to the current pop-up cycleway which is being built on Newport Road, up to the junction with Broadway.

Bio-diverse bus stops, otherwise known as ‘Bee Bus Stops’ will be installed with wild flowers planted on the top of the bus stops to attract bees and other insects. Safer and larger pedestrian crossing facilities will be put in place throughout the redevelopment of this stretch of carriageway and junction improvements will be made on all adjoining roads.

Traffic re-routing on Station Terrace:
Due to the improvements that are being made to the road network, changes will be made on how people access the area by private car. All access to Churchill Way will be from the south via Adam Street and Bute Terrace.
All car parks on Station Terrace - including the residents block and the Masonic Hall - will be accessible from the north via Newport Road and Dumfries Place and a ‘’bus gate’ will limit access after the turning to the Masonic Hall car park.
Access to the Queen Street pedestrianised area will also change as part of the scheme, as the main access point will move from its current location, on the Dumfries Place junction, to Windsor Place. The timings for deliveries will remain the same, between midnight and 10am and when vehicles exit from the area, they will have to leave through the exit on the west end of Queen Street.
Bus Priority & Improvements:
New bus priority lanes on Station Terrace, Churchill Way and Bute Terrace will provide new and direct routes for buses to access the following planned transport improvements:
1. Park & Ride/Regional Short Loop: A new short loop and back into Station Terrace and Churchill Way, dropping off and picking up at Queen Street Station and Churchill Way
2. New Bus Route to the new Transport Interchange and Metro Central
3. New Cross City Route – Via the east and south of the City Centre
4. New Event Day bus priority – Buses will be able to use the area and the new bus interchange will be able to operate during match days.


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Re: Guildford Terrace

PostThu Dec 17, 2020 1:29 pm

Here's a link to the article which has some nice visuals: ... 25484.html

here's the detailed information: ... ntre-east/

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