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Cardiff Pointe

if it's about Cardiff.. Sport, Entertainment, Transportation, Business, Development Projects, Leisure, Eating, Drinking, Nightlife, Shopping, Train Spotting! etc.. then we want it here!
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Re: Cardiff Pointe

PostThu Apr 11, 2019 5:11 pm

RandomComment wrote:The post about Bayscape made me think of Cardiff Pointe - just down the road.

The website ( says that all plots are reserved. But is this still the first phase? The phase they've been selling for what seems like 5 years?!

What's going to happen with the rest of the site? What's happening with the ISV? I mean as it stands, if I was one of the people to buy a home there, I'd be pretty disappointed. I'd be living next to a car park and a windswept, scrubby, empty plot. Not sure when I'll next be blighted by development - or whether my home will be permanently in no-mans land and hence worth rather a lot less than I paid (in the expectation it'd be part of a 'thriving community' with 'exciting amenities and attractions' nearby).

Yes it certainly has gone quiet in that neck of the woods - and there was me getting excited about bayscape tower, indoor ski slope and a 6!! star hotel (apparently you go from 5 to 6 with the inclusion of a heli pad!) oh then there was the mini manhattan and not forgetting the 3 dubai style towers!! All that said surely this peninsular still has great potential so maybe in time it will progress in a positive direction ;)






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Re: Cardiff Pointe

PostThu Apr 11, 2019 10:29 pm

Speaking as a recent arrival to the ISV, I look forward to the future development of this area, not least because I will have an excellent view of the construction process from my apartment.

And it will be nice to have somewhere to park the helicopter... :D


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Re: Cardiff Pointe

PostThu Apr 11, 2019 11:15 pm

I think the ski slope would do very well, and bring in visitors from further afield.

At the very least it would be nice to have a new car park for the Cardiff Devils.

It was also promised at one stage that there'd be retail units, restaurants and coffee shops.
There's only Morrisons as an option usually when I'm waiting around for the start of a Devils game.
The swimming pool café isn't too bad, if it's not too busy.


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Re: Cardiff Pointe

PostFri Oct 04, 2019 7:06 pm

New plans for the Cardiff Pointe and Sports Village site seem to be being led by Cardiff Council.

The big announcements are:
a) The Toys R Us building being extended to become an indoor sports centre with things like indoor rock-climbing, zip wires, and maybe a cut-down indoor ski slope.
b) The larger 'snow dome' ski slope is no longer part of the plans, probably because demand isn't great enough to pay for costs.
c) A change in the type of residential development planned, with discussion of "10 storey blocks" rather than the plans for mosly lower rise (3 - 4 storeys) but a couple of tall towers (20+ storeys) under the current Cardiff Pointe scheme.

For a while its been clear that the current developers of Cardiff Pointe misjudged demand and pricing - and perhaps are subject to financing constraints if they overpaid for the land. Hopefully a fresh start could see development recommence as the area is a bit of a dogs dinner. If I were one of the residents of Cardiff Pointe I'd be a bit miffed about being surrounded by a bunch of scrub, derelict land, and the lack of facilities - given I think they'd been promised a couple of amenities in the original development plan.


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Re: Cardiff Pointe

PostMon Oct 14, 2019 9:27 am

I know not an immediate problem with the amount of unused land but thought putting the car park underneath Morrisons like Newport Road store would free up a lot of space


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Re: Cardiff Pointe

PostSun Sep 19, 2021 10:22 pm

Council to buy ice rink and 10 acres of land at Cardiff Pointe. ... ssion=true

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