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Street lighting and lighting general throughout city

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Street lighting and lighting general throughout city

PostSun Oct 25, 2020 7:39 am

Hello everyone,

Ive read this forum many years and decided to post, its unrelated Covid. But i just wondered your thoughts ive not taken pictures but i find Cardiff needs to sort its lights out..

All of the floor lighting in Cardiff thats been installed is never maintained... such as ones in Queen Street alot have mow been filledbut i remember how nice they used to look and im sure they could be retro fitted with LED lights now would look great i find Queen street a little dark at night. Also all around St Davids there are floor lighting mesnt to light up John Lewis by the Tesco Express. The lovely Sculpture outside the Library used to light up.

The castle used to be lit up well too. Same with alot of floor lights down the bay and other lights no longer work such as on the barrage its nice the thing in barrage lights up now

I know it seems soo trival and my writing looks abit slang lol

There are lots of lights that are now working like that colour changing one outside the Clayton hotel.. the one by sleeperz.

The stadium millionuim walkused to lightup too..

Love Cardiff born an bred !

What are your thoughts?! Maybe its just too expensive to keep them eorking and water often gets into them
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Re: Street lighting and lighting general throughout city

PostMon Oct 26, 2020 3:08 am

Hi ljw - I think you raise a great point! lighting can be such a nice touch, but if neglected start looking shabby. With solar lights nowadays there seems to be little excuse not to do a good job on this front. Hopefully when normality returns and some major developments come to fruition and are completed we'll see some great lighting to showcase our city centre. I've recently noticed that the lights under the main cardiff central railway bridge are active again, like you I say plenty more please! You've got me thinking now of many places that some clever slick lighting would enhance what we have!

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