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Building Safety Funding in Wales

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Building Safety Funding in Wales

PostThu Nov 12, 2020 10:46 pm

A zoom meeting held by leaseholders of Celestia and Victoria Wharf regarding the unsafe construction and fire hazards of these developments was held this evening. Several politicians joined with the notable exception of Welsh Labour. Summary of positions presented:

Andrew RT Davies (Welsh Conservative) – devolved Welsh government has the power to act to make developers including Laing O'Rourke for Redrow (Celestia) and Taylor Wimpey (Victoria Wharf) financially accountable for building fire safety and construction defaults. Cladding safety funding allocation from Westminster should be used to commence correction and potential legal suits against these firms.

David Melding (Welsh Conservative) – waffled on not making much of a point.

Neil McEvoy (Welsh National Party) – vote for me and I will endeavour to address the problem.

Stephen Doughty (Westminster Labour) – this is a UK wide issue. Across the industry national construction firms have profited with poor build and safety standards. Raising issue within Parliament to try to make them accountable for historical defects.

A white paper to outline approach to scope, extent of liability of affected parties (developers, freeholders, leaseholders, regulatory bodies) and remedial work requirements is due from the Welsh government early 2021. Meanwhile leaseholders in Cardiff and all over Wales are caught living in unsafe high rise buildings, unable to sell or remortgage flats, and forced to pay extra costs for intrusive surveys, insurance and fire wardens until these potentially lethal firetraps are corrected.


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Re: Building Safety Funding in Wales

PostSat Nov 21, 2020 5:55 pm

Building Regulations are devolved and therefore, fall entirely under the remit of the Wales Parliament/Senedd Cymru. Wales does not need permission from Westminster to make changes, however, I feel the fallout of Grenfell and other incidents are going to require a national approach across the entire United Kingdom.

As a practicing structural engineer (who also teaches), I am completely and utterly dismayed by the frequent incompetence displayed by many professionals (engineers, architects etc) and contractors. The level of incidents, including building collapses and failures of temporary works are becoming a frequent problem. The vast majority of serious incidents and problems are not reported in the media.

It’s too easy to blame “greedy developers” as the source of the problem, when in reality, there’s a much wider and more complex problem.

We need urgent reform because we have decades-long legacy of sub-standard buildings we’re going to have to deal with in the future. I'm not just talking about "high rise" buildings either, I'm talking about serious deficiencies across all types of buildings.

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